“We are applying our industry solutions to remove barriers to education and increase Cybersecurity workforce candidates.” - Randy Ramos, CEO, GBSI

ACCELETRAIN® was created with the visionary purpose of resolving issues associated with increasing workforce competency and closing the skilled workforce vacancy gap, including:

  • Technology changes that are outpacing academic churn
  • Teacher shortages
  • Access to teacher professional development
  • Removing barriers to education
  • Increasing learner retention
  • Changes in learning ecosystems

  • Rather than following the industry approach of using video conferencing or web-based meeting tools to simulate classroom learning, we started in the classroom. GBSI’s approach takes the familiar and engaging classroom teacher and student learning environment and applies technology appropriately to enhance and distribute quality learning. The result is ACCELETRAIN®, a multipurpose distributed education and training architecture. It incorporates the benefits and features of classroom-based learning and uses technology to:

  • Distribute the collaborative classroom experience
  • Connect learners, locations and devices
  • Maintain quality and relevance of instruction
  • Create a network of education and training resources
  • Reuse knowledge and repurpose training
  • Accelerate competency
  • Reduce training costs

  • Academic institutions, for profit training companies, training organizations and independent subject matter experts are using ACCELETRAIN® to:

  • Raise student and school performance
  • Increase teacher professional development
  • Engage industry subject matter experts and trainers
  • Access workforce and industry certification resources
  • Expand academic and career programs
  • Connect dual enrolment programs
  • Reduce low enrollment cancellations
  • Accelerate workforce readiness

  • ACCELETRAIN® from GBSI is transforming the education and training industry by integrating classroom-based training and virtual learning technologies to speed competency and increase workforce readiness.