Company History

Acceletrain was founded by experts in the cybersecurity and IT industry

Learn directly from professionals in the cybersecurity industry

Acceletrain was created by Global Business Solutions, Inc. (GBSI)

GBSI is an IT services and training company focused on government contracts within the defense department. We have over 25 years of experience in delivering IT/cyber services and training excellence.

Acceletrain was founded by Global Business Solutions, Inc. (GBSI) in 2014 with the visionary purpose of resolving issues associated with increasing workforce competency and closing the skilled workforce vacancy gap, including:

  • Technology changes that are outpacing academic churn
  • Teacher shortages
  • Access to teacher professional development
  • Removing barriers to education
  • Increasing learner retention
  • Changes in learning ecosystems

GBSI is headquartered in Pensacola, FL with locations across the United States. GBSI strives to provide effect information technology solutions, products, services, and training to guide customers toward personal and professional success. Our ongoing success is a direct result of keeping our customers’ current needs aligned with future challenges that are developing in key areas such as: information technology, information assurance, cybersecurity, and remote training. GBSI has ranked for four consecutive years in Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies in America. 

Meet our team

Mel Stinson

Chief Technology & Information Officer

Steve Samaha

Senior I.T. Cyber Instructor

Erin Ramos

Cyber Program Manager

Ian Briggs

I.T. Cyber Instructor

La'Tiffany Ford

I.T. Cyber Instructor

Adam Jones

I.T. Cyber Instructor

Pearl V.

I.T. Cyber Instructor

Frankie Shimek

I.T. Cyber Instructor

Increasing accessibility of higher education

Pensacola State College (PSC) ran into problems trying to provide robust academic programs to underserved and remote satellite campuses. How did PSC solve their instructor shortage, expand course offerings, and cast a wider net for students?

Helping schools across the country

ACCELETRAIN® brings students, instructors, and professionals together to network, teach, and learn from each other, no matter where each of us are located. This is an awesome tool that enhances students learning, resource sharing, and student performance.

Angela Irby

Teacher, Pine Forest HS

Lori K. Anderson, M.Ed.

Workforce Education Specialist, Escambia County Schools

The support that Global Business Solutions, Inc. has provided to Escambia County School District is exemplary! Teachers and students receive quick and thorough responses to any service requested. With the support of GBSI, students are broadening their skills and knowledge to be work-force ready in the cybersecurity field.

Lori Anderson, M.Ed.

Workforce Education Specialist, Escambia County Schools

ACCELETRAIN gives students an opportunity to get ahead by teaching them the real world skills needed to succeed in Cybersecurity and Information Technology careers.

Kevin Anderson

Teacher, Eisenhower HS

Ken Nettlebeck

Bear Valley HS

GBSI is a fantastic program. The instructors are highly knowledgeable and provide an excellent cyber security curriculum for our students. 

Ken Nettlebeck

Teacher, Bear Valley HS

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