The Next Generation of Connected Classroom Technology

To Improve Career and Technical Education (CTE) outcomes, an ACCELETRAIN® Classroom connects to industry expertise, teacher professional development and extracurricular activities, providing an immersive face-to-face classroom experience. An ACCELETRAIN® Classroom includes the installation of HDMI cameras, LED monitors, speakers, microphones and audio system into your school classroom. The ACCELETRAIN® software and license enables these components to establish a secure connection to the ACCELETRAIN® Collaborative Learning Environment (CLE). ACCELETRAIN® CLE is a network of accessible classrooms and education resources.  Participants in ACCELETRAIN® Classrooms can learn, engage, collaborate and compete across classrooms. Secondary and postsecondary institutions are connecting ACCELETRAIN® classroom to:

  • Raise student and school performance
  • Increase teacher professional development
  • Engage industry subject matter experts and trainers
  • Access workforce and industry certification resources
  • Expand academic and career programs
  • Connect dual enrollment programs
  • Participate in extracurricular programs
  • Reduce costs